Walking Monterey County

Walking Tours of Historic Monterey Country

The experience of any private tour should be satisfactory and memorable. If you are planning to take a trip to Monterey, there is an easy way to make it exceptional and unforgettable. The tour guide that you choose for your tour determines how much you enjoy. For your private tour in Monterey, Ben Edwards is your ideal private guide. His passion and knowledge guarantee a matchless experience for each member of your group or family. Ben combines his extensive knowledge and unique story-telling skills to satisfy your desire for adventure. You should work with him if you:

1. Long to discover all secrets about Monterey with the help of an experienced historian with extensive knowledge about the city. 

2. Desire first-class entertainment and impeccable experience in Monterey.

3. Like to hear more than just stories: Ben has a private collection of colonial newspapers and rare documents that you can hold and read. 

4. Are looking to tour Monterey with Paul Revere’s relative who delivers the history and breathtaking surprises along the way. 

5. Want to experience more than you anticipated by receiving Ben’s eBook or audio book for children. It has everything that one needs to know about the beginning of the Revolution in America. 

Expect a fantastic Monterey Tour with Ben Edwards who was living during the tourism revolution in America. Ben does not merely complete a tour. He works to deliver an unforgettable, mind-blowing experience. Here is what to expect from a private tour with him:

1. Full commitment

Ben Edwards does not just tell the stories. He makes it fun by engaging everyone. Ben has a lively and animated style of telling the stories without missing a detail. He knows how to bring out the best qualities in everyone. Ben uses trivia contests to bring out the competitive nature of every family or group member. You will admire his extensive knowledge and enjoy his unique sense of humor as he takes you through the Freedom Trail sites.

2. Access to Treasure and Historical Documents:

Ben uses all possible means to enhance your experience with him. He carries a backpack with historic newspapers, documents, and other rare treasures as proof of the occurrence of certain historical events. Touching and reading them feels like bringing history back to life. Isn’t that unforgettable?

3. Variety With A Variety Of Tour Options

Ben allows you to choose the experience that you desire. Options 2 and 3 are great for people who like hair-raising history with ghost stories. They include reservations at the Parker’s Restaurant at the haunted Omni Parker House Hotel. That allows you to enjoy the relic Rolls and Monterey Cream Pie that Parker House has to offer. 

4. Customized Options

Ben offers his private premium tours in different styles. Each option has a different combination to suit the needs of specific groups. He has dealt with thousands of local and international tourists of all ages. That includes children. Therefore, he has the skills and knowledge to deliver effectively according to the needs of the group. So, if there are children in your group, Ben will keep them engaged and interested throughout the tour. It will surprise you how much they will learn from him. 

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