Kendo dummy frequently asked questions:

Question: Is practicing with a dummy better than practicing at the kendo dojo?

Answer: No and Yes. Nothing can take the place of proper teaching by real sensei and other students. You can practice what you have been taught, increasing the number of hours you actually practice kendo.

Question: Is thid dummy durable enough to withstand heavy use?

Answer: Yes. Made of heavy plastic.

Question: Is this kendo dummy safe to use?

Answer: Yes! Always wear kendo bogu. For this dummy to be safely used you must wear bogu.

Question: Can I use my own bogu on this dummy?

Answer: Yes! You can use your old bogu with this dummy.

Question: Do I need to use weights to keep the dummy from falling?

Answer: Yes and No, This kendo dummy is very stable and can withstand kote, men, and do strikes without a weighted base and without falling. When practicing kendo strikes such as tsuki and shinai men, that require movement to the dummies shinai, you will need a weighted base, or the dummy will fall over.

Question: I am concerned about the durability. What is the dummy made of?

Answer: The dummy is made of high impact ABS plastic. The arms are covered with thick foam and a durable plastic cover. We have used a similiar version for over ten years with very little to no wear of the dummy parts.

Question: The dummy looks so simple, does it really work?

Answer: Yes! This dummy took years of development and creative insight to make it look streamlined and to design it to have the really neat and completely realistic movement it has!

Question: Can I adjust the resistance of the dummy's arm side ways, up and down motion to move faster?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to adjust it to move faster. Earlier versions of this dummy were faster, however the problem is your attack and completion of your attack will need to always be faster than the dummies recoil to kamae. Otherwise you will get a shinai to the groin, throat or other sensitive areas, Its a VERY BAD IDEA for those reasons. The dummy is designed to be as safe as a mechanical kendo dummy can be. Always know where your opponents shinai is, you MUST always win and the dummy MUST always lose!