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Stilwell Hall was torn down in 2003 and was made part of the Califonia State Park system, today the site is just an empty site planted with native plants. Opened February, 2009 as the Fort Ord Dunes State Park.

Stilwell Hall was truly the jewell of Fort Ord. An idea envisioned by "Vinegar Joe" Stilwell, the Commanding officer of Fort Ord at the time. General Stilwell was genuinely concerned with the welfare of his troops and built Stilwell Hall as a facility that soldiers could go to relax, it was to be the prototype for the first soldiers club. The club was built in the 1940s by donations from the soldiers. During its history many entertainers such as Bob Hope and many of the big band era entertainers gave performances at Stilwell Hall. During his pre-Hollywood years Clint Eastwood once served beer in the "tap room".

The "tap room" hosted the longest bar on the west coast served "near beer" Ths photo shows the enormous timbers that support the tiled roof in the "tap room"

This photo shows the huge 25ft fireplace in the ball room of Stilwell Hall.

FORT ORD BAND, SOLDIERS CLUB, circa mid forties.
Chuck Etter (band leader, on trombone), Wally Farmer (one trumpet, waving hand), Larry Bunker(drums)
PHOTO graciously provided by Shirley Vee

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