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East Garrison was loaction for the original army garrison on Fort Ord. Originally named Camp Gigling the camp was setup to facilitate training for Monterey Presidio calvary. Camp Gigling included cavalry stables and mess halls the first permanent structures on Fort Ord. The camp did not have formal barracks but housed the troops in tents sent up close to the mess halls. Camp Gigling was used as a comabt training facility by troops during world war I, II, the Korean War, the Vietnam war and including the Panama Canal deployment. Today the area is only accessable via walking or by bicycle and is part of the Fort Ord Public Lands area.

Camp Gigling mess halls built in the 1930s,
were the first permanent sturctures on Fort Ord.

Camp Gigling
included horse stables to accomadate the horses from the Monterey Presidio during the 1930s.

Early combat training during the 1930s at Fort Ord

Troops parading during the 1930s at Fort Ord, wooden barracks in the background built to house the basic trainees.

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