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The First Artichokes
The first Castroville artichokes were grown by Andrew J. Molera in 1922.

Artichoke Origins
Globe Artichokes are grown in Castroville and thrive in cool, fog shrouded coastal areas. Castroville is a perfect area for growing artichokes. There is some confusion among botanists regarding the origins of cardoon and globe artichokes. European botanists believe that both artichokes derived from a wild perennial herb (Cynara cardunculus var. silvestris) that grows in southern Europe and northern Africa. On the other side of Atlantic Ocean American botanists think that the two species are two distinct species. Other botanists consider the globe artichoke to be a cultivated form of cardoon which in its wild form can grow to about 3 feet. The wild cardoon species has many more thorns then the globe artichoke. The cultivated cardoon (C. carduculus var.) is taller 6-7 ft. fleshier leaves and less thorns.

Preparing Artichokes
Rinse and cut off the top and thorns, trim the stem so that it is flush with the artichoke bottom.
In inch boiling water place the artichokes on their stem ends (add a few lemon slices or a little lemon juice, to prevent the browning) heat to boiling, reduce to low
and cook for 30 minutes.
There are many artichoke recipes, but artichokes can simply eaten plain or dipped in mayonnaise. (The fuzzy center part of the artichoke should not be eaten.) Enjoyed hot or cold artichokes are yummy to eat.

The artichoke leaves are delicious but don't forget to eat the best part,
the artichoke (heart) bottom!















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