Explore California's 21 Missions

Mission La Purisima

Living Quarters

The Barracks - Cuartel
The living quarters for the soldiers shown above included an area for eating.
A squad of between 5-7 Leather Jacket Soldiers maintained order and protected the mission from outside threats. The Soldados de Cuera wore protective coats made from animal hides. Their equipment included lances, swords, flintlock muskets and rawhide shields.

The Priest's Room
Each California mission was managed by two Franciscan padres. One oversaw the administration and business affairs, while the other handled spiritual matters.
Expansive colonnades give the mission inhabitants needed shade from the midday sun. Tule dwelling provided a sturdy and traditional indian shelter.
A view of the inside of a Tule dwelling shows how the dwelling was constructed. Indian Lavanderia Laundry
Unlike the Europeans, the Chumash Indians enjoyed bathing.The mission lavanderia provided a clothes washing and bathing area for the residents of the Indian Apartments and Tule Village.


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