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Mission La Purisima

Founded in 1787 by Fray Fermin Lasuen. Named for "The Immaculate Conception of Mary, Most Pure, Mother of God,and Our Lady" (Patron saint of mothers,nuns,and virgins). The original mission was destroyed in an earthquake in 1812 and rebuilt five in a different location. Restored in the 1930s it is now a California State Historic Park, 967 acres in size.

Main entry for the mission
Wooden bells were commonly used in the bell tower in place of metal bells until metal bells could be obtained
The California missions used commonly available materials to construct the missions, such as reeds for the roofs, mud for the adobe walls and clay for tiles along with wood for beams.
Beautifully painted decorations give the church a joyous look.
Painting showing the Mission La Purisima with surrounding grazing lands and indian settlement

Early photo circa 1850


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