Explore California's 21 Missions

Mission San Fernando

Founded in September 8, 1797. Nicked named "Mission of the Valley". Named for King Ferdinand III, Spain (Patron saint of Spain, engineers and prisoners). Seventeenth in the 21 Alta California chain of missions. Damaged in a 1812 earthquake, restored over the years, restoration lasted until the 1930s. The Sylmar earthquake in 1971 damaged the mission and was rebuilt by 1974. Northridge earthquake in 1994 damaged the mission restoration continues. Located in the San Fernando Valley about 22 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

Mission Fountain
Mission San Fernando church and living quarters

Father Serra
Interior of church chapel

Large reception room, one of many rooms on display at this mission.

Old song book , showing oversized text most likely used because eye glasses were hard to obtain or not invented at the time.
The grave of the actor and comedian Bob Hope
Entry door showing the distinctive wavy carved pattern.


Early photo circa 1880

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