Explore California's 21 Missions

Mission San Gabriel Arcangel

Founded in September 8, 1771 moved 5 miles to its present site by 1805. Named for the Archangel Gabriel (Patron saint of broadcasters and diplomats). This is the fourth in the 21 Mission chain. Damaged by the earthquake of 1812, repaired in 1828. Damaged by other earthquakes in 1987and 1994 retrofitted and repaired. Operated by Claretian Missionary Fathers since 1908. Located in San Gabriel valley, about nine miles east of Los Angeles.

Beautiful facade shows Mission San Gabriels bells

Massive castle like adobe structure towers over mission visitors
Father Serra
Interior of the church chapel

This photo shows a massive grape vine trunk that is over one hundred years old
Grapes and wine were a highly valued cash crop for the missions. This photo show just some of the wine equipment used to process the grapes.
Indian dwelling
One of three large fire pits used to process tallow (animal fat) for soap, candles, grease for cooking, and trading.



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