Explore California's 21 Missions

Early photo circa 1880

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Founded in November 1, 1776. Nick named the "Jewel of the Missions". Named for Saint John of Capistran, Italy (Patron saint of jurists). Seventh in the California chain of Missions. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1812, parts were rebuilt in 1813. The only original structure is the chapel still standing today in which Father Serra officiated.

Mission bells
Beautifully decorated mission chapel
Father Serra statue
Quiet mission hallway
View of the mission fountian and court yard
Manmade nests ready for the returning swallows. The legendarily swallows return to the Mission on March 19th (St Joseph's Day).
Large furnace used to process tallow (animal fat) for soap,
candles, grease for cooking, and trading.
Indian grinding rock, acorns and grains were a large part of the indian diet.

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