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Photo taken 2008

Mission Santa Clara de Asis

Founded by Father Junipero Serra in January 12, 1777. Named for Saint Clare of Assisi (a woman), Italy (Founder of the Order of Poor Clares, and patron saint of television) This mission is number 8 in the chain of 21 Alt California Missions. The first Santa Clara de Asis was located near the Guadalupe river and had the largest population of indians of all the California missions. The original mission was destroyed by a flood. Rebuilt in 1784,1818,1825.Fifth church burned in 1926; rebuilt in 1928. Located near San Jose in the campus of the University of Santa Clara. Very little remains of the original mission and only the rebuilt version of the church remains.

Early photo circa 1880


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This map shows the 5 locations the church was rebuilt.
Interior view of the church
Close up of the tower
Detail view of the entrance
Father Serra

Detail of the border inside of the church. All the California mission churches have a unique border for their church.

Entrance of the rose garden