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The John Steinbeck Life, Books and Awards Timeline


Dates Books Published

Awards and Honors
Personal Life Events


1902 - Born February 27, 1902 in the Steinbeck House
1919 - Graduated from Salinas High School
1919-1925 - Attended Stanford University briefly


1929 - Cup of Gold

1925 - Traveled to New York City by freighter, worked odd jobs, searched for publisher, no publisher found, returned to California in 1926.
1926-1928 - Worked as a caretaker for a summer home in Lake Tahoe, California.


1932 - Pastures of Heaven
1933 - The Red Pony
1933 - To A God Unknown
1935 - Tortilla Flat
1936 - In Dubious Battle
1937 - Of Mice And Men
1938 - The Long Valley
1939 - The Grapes of Wrath


1935 - Commonwealth Club of California Gold Medal for Best Book by a Californian (Tortilla Flat)

1936 - The Novel of 9136 Prize (InDubious Battle)
1938 - New York Drama Critics' Circle Award (Of Mice and Men)
1939 - Member National Institute of Arts and Letters
American Booksellers' Award

1930 - Married Carol Henning and ivied in the family home in Pacific Grove. Meets Ed Ricketts, the start of a life long friendship.
1934 - Cared for his ill mother in Salinas home; Mother died 1934.
1935 - Steinbeck father died.

1941 - The Sea of Cortez
1941 -
Forgotten Village
1942 -
The Moon is Down
1942 -
Bombs Away
1945 -
Cannery Row
1947 -
The Pearl

1947 - The Wayward Bus
1948 - A Russian Journal


  1940 - Pulitzer Prize Fiction Award (The Grapes of Wrath)

1946 - King Haakon Liberty Cross (The Moon is Down)

- Member American Academy of Arts and Letters

1940 - Travels with Ed Ricketts on a marine expedition to the Gulf of California
1942 - Divorced wife Carol
Married the singer Gwyndolyn Conger Became a War correspondent in Europe for the Herald Tribune of New York.
1944 - Bought his childhood dream house in Monterey (Lara-Soto Adobe), first son Thom was born August 2; harassed by the local people because of his success and the books he wrote.
1945 - An unhappy Steinbeck leaves Monterey to help film "The Pearl"; moved to New York, never returning to the house he bought.
1946 - Second son John IV born June 12
1948 - Divorced wife Gwyndolyn and returned from New York to Pacific Grove.
1949: Met Elaine Scott at the Pine Inn Restaurant in Carmel.

1950 - Burning Light
1951 - The Log From The Sea Of Cortez
1952 - East of Eden
1954 - Sweet Thursday
1956 - UN American a New York ET A Paris
1957 - The Short Reign Of Pippin IV
1958 - Once There Was A War
    1950 - Married Elaine Scott
1955 - Buys a summer home in Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York
1959 - Researches material for the the modern version of the book Malory's Morte d'Arthur in England and Wales
1961 - The Winter Of Our Discontent
1962 -
Travels With Charley
1966 -
America And Americans
1969 -
Journal Of A Novel

  1962 - Nobel Prize for Literature
1963 - Honorary Consultant in American Literature to the Library of Congress
1964 - United States Medal Of Freedom
Trustee of John F. Kennedy Memorial Library
Annual Paperback of the Year Award
Press Medal of Freedom
1966 - Member National Arts Council
1960 - Traveled United States with his dog and writing his book "Travels with Charley."
1963 -Travels to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Russia on United States Information Agency cultural tour
1968 - Died December 20 in New York
1969 - Buried in the Garden of Memories cemetery, Salinas.
  1976 - The Acts Of King Arthur and His Nobel Knights   1979 - U.S. Postal Service Issued a John Steinbeck Commemorative Stamp  
1989 - Working Days
  1984 - American Arts Gold Medallion  

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