Large Fountain Erected to Honor Steadfast Community Service Among Residents

A residential community is only as good as the support it gets from its members. Luckily for us here at San Lucas, Monterey County, our residents are always willing to lend a hand when it comes to the welfare and development of the whole community.

Through the years, our residents have worked on more community service projects than we can count and this is why we included them in reviewing indoor water fountains that would suit this occasion. The local council of San Lucas has also helped launch several fund raising activities to benefit our people, as well as other notable causes. To celebrate these steadfast efforts, the local council will be erecting a beautiful fountain as a symbol of our strong determination in making San Lucas a better place.

The construction of this large symbolic fountain will once again be spearheaded by the local council with the help of local San Lucas contractors, and assistance of volunteer community service workers. The expenses will come from a properly allocated budget set by the San Lucas local government.

It's always great to be rewarded for our steadfast efforts, especially in keeping the community of San Lucas clean and green. The local council couldn't be more proud to be celebrating solidarity in the form of a timeless structure meant to symbolize our steadfast community service efforts. These small celebrations are part of what makes San Lucas such a solid community.

We are inviting every resident here at San Lucas, Monterey County to be part of the fountain's groundbreaking ceremony. This will be held on September 1, 2017, at 10 am. It is once again time for us to come together in commemoration of our collective service for the development and beautification of San Lucas. Tune it to this website for more updates regarding the project, as well as the much-awaited announcement of this fountain's unveiling.