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The Salinas River National Refuge

T he Salinas River National Refuge located adjacent to the Salinas State Beach is 366 acres in size. The refuge hosts 40 sensitive species of plants and wildlife, birds such as the Snowy Plover and the California Brown pelican find an abundance of food and perfect conditions for nesting. Many of the plants and wildlife that live in this area are uniquely adapted to live where the fresh water of the Salinas river and the salt water of the Monterey bay meet. The refuge is not well visited by tourists making this spot a great place for birding. The refuge boundaries are in general the trail that meanders along the Old Salinas River and the lands that are in between the trail and the river. There is no access to the river and the dunes are closed to foot traffic except for the trail.

Tiny birds are a treasure to see

Flowering dune plant

The Salinas River National Refuge

The Salinas River State Beach


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