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ort Ord is a converted military base and part of the City of Marina and the City of Seaside as well as other governmental entities. Fort Ord was named in 1940 in honor of the civil war general, Major General Edward Otho Cresap Ord. As a young lieutenant Ord was in charge of the Monterey garrison in 1847. A Portion of Fort Ord is now the home of The University of California Monterey Bay. The coastal area and a large portion of the undeveloped areas in Fort Ord are now Public Lands and for use as hiking and biking trails. Before hiking see and print the map for areas that are off limits because of live rounds and explosives. A well maintained bike path runs along the highway from Marina to Sand City. Fort Ord is slowly being converted to civilian use with the help of the FORA agency. See our Secrets of Fort Ord Section.



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Fort Ord is slowly being converted to civilian use

Fort Ord Bike Path    


University of California State Monterey Bay