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Located next to the Pacific Ocean and on far edge of the Monterey Peninsula Pacific Grove was founded as a religious and cultural retreat by a Methodist minister in 1875. Pacific Grove is known as "Butterfly Town USA" for the wondrous migration of Monarch Butterflies (Send a Monarch PostCard)to P.G. during the fall. PG has an abundance of churches in this small town. In yester year PG was a "dry" town and liquor was prohibited from being sold until just recently. Lovers Point, The Point Pinos Lighthouse, Asilomar Beach, The PG Museum and the American Tin Cannery Outlet Center are just some of the points of interest.
John Steinbecks father built a summer cottage on 11th street in 1903. John Steinbeck lived briefly in the cottage from 1903-1906. Steinbeck mentions PG in his books Cannery Row, Tortilla Flat, Sweet Thursday and The Red Pony.





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Pacific Grove is one of the best places on the Pennisula to take a stroll along the beach

The Point Pinos Light House in Pacific Grove


Pacific Grove has numerous historic Victorian Homes