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Enjoy the priceless value of touring with Ben Edwards. Ben has ample experience, knowledge, and useful tips to give you a fantastic private Boston tour. In addition to that, he is a relative of Paul Revere. Your Boston experience can never be better. Working with him ensures efficiency and convenience. Here is why we recommend him:

Before the Tour

1. Accessibility 

The fun begins with a confirmation of your Boston tour. That gives you access to Ben’s amazing tips. That ranges from the best restaurants, hotels, and experiences to look forward to. You can also go through the answers to his Frequently Asked Questions to ensure that you have all the information you need. Finally, you can use your smartphone to access more information on Our Guest menu from any location in Boston.

2. Customized tours

All private, first-class tours are tailored to suit your needs. Ben uses questions to help identify the needs of his tour participants. He uses that information to deliver satisfactory services. He also pays special attention to participants who want to celebrate special events like anniversaries or birthdays and those with special needs. 

3. Convenience

You do not have to worry about being left behind because we meet you at your hotel. For those living far from the starting point in Boston Common, you can rely on Ben for information on how to get there quickly and on time. We work to ensure efficiency, convenience, and stress-free experience with our premium customer services. 

During the tour

1. FunBen has a way of making everyone’s Boston Private tour memorable. He engages every member of your family or group. Most children tend to get tired and bored during trips. However, a tour with Ben is exceptional. He has taken over 1500 students on trips of the Freedom Trail and children love him. His excellent skills to create a rapport with them encourages schools to keep depending on him. 

2. High-quality services with Ben’s private tour, you can expect to see more than just Colonial Boston. He helps you cover all the 14 Freedom Sites on time. You also have spare time for other secrets spots. Ben’s tour enhances your experience by introducing you to other aspects of Boston history that you might not know. 

3. Experience history like never beforeBen showers you with fascinating and mind-blowing facts. He has a fantastic point about every historical place and object in Boston. For example, did you know that the historic bell in King’s Chapel weighs 2, 437 pounds and is over 200 years old? With Ben, you can discover more stunning facts. 

With Ben Edwards, your private tour in Boston is guaranteed to be epic. He knows everyone and everything about the city and its history. Plus, he identifies the needs of every participant and works to their satisfaction. For your next tour in Boston, settle for nothing short of the best. Go for someone with a personal link to the city and its history. Choose Ben’s tour for an unforgettable experience.

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