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Your tour guide should help you learn and have fun at once. He needs to have the knowledge and skills to take you to all the places that you desire to visit within a short time. He has many positive reviews on TripAdvisor. Most people describes Ben as a professional andthe best guide in Boston.. After dealing with thousands of tourists, your contentment is a guarantee. Here is more about him:

1. Experience
Ben Edwards is a historian who has provided private tour guiding services for 15 years. He has lived in Boston Bay since 2004 and, therefore, knows every part of the city. He has dealt with thousands of tourists with different needs. Ben knows how to identify the needs of every member of a tour group and deliver services to their satisfaction. He goes beyond his means to ensure that everyone has fun and makes memories. With him, you will not miss a thing about Boston. Plus, your contentment is a guarantee.

2. Extensive knowledge
He knows the history of Boston better than anyone else. Each year, he helps thousands of students learn about the American Revolution. He is the author of the book One April in Boston: The Gift of theSpyglass. It is suitable for children of ages 10 to 13. The book teaches them about the history of America and encourages them to explore their imagination and set realistic goals. Its second edition is available on iTunes. He also holds school author tours and conducts private tours of the Boston’s Freedom Trials. His tour participants receive his eBook and a three and a half hour long audio book. The book takes you back in time and lets you enjoy the fascinating experiences of Ben’s ancestors, including Paul Revere’s Ride. In addition to that, the book shows how a series of events connects to Abraham Lincoln, World War I, and the Civil War.

3. Family History
One of the fascinating things about Ben Edwards is that he is related to Paul Revere. He uses his exceptional skills to tell it in a bold style. His tour participants, including children, enjoy learning about his ancestors. His fourth grandfather, Benjamin Edwards, witnessed the two signal lanterns during Paul Revere’s midnight ride. Benjamin’s uncle was a member of the Son’s of Liberty. His older sister was married to Paul Revere Jr, the hero’s firstborn son. Ben Edwards also serves in the Paul Revere Memorial Association. He has been a member of the association’s board since 1999 in honor of his ancestor’s memory. 

4. Passion
Ben Edwards’s primary aim is to give you a matchless five-star experience. He takes Boston tours to a new level by providing original historical documents and newspapers. You do not have to settle on tales of Paul Revere’s ride, Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, among others. Ben has a variety of signed documents for different agreements and transactions. Plus, he has rare colonial newspapers with ads for Paul Revere’s businesses. That is one of his magical ways of bringing history to life. 

5. Dedication
Mr.Edwards is determined to use history to change children’s lives. In 2015, he founded Tech History. That is a company that produces inspirational lessons, plans, and products for students. In April 2016, he released an informational production on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. He also worked with Diana Amsterdam to develop “Casey’s Gift” – a screenplay about a high school student who uses a gift from the past to change the future. It partly uses the elements of his children’s book.

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